[FLASHBACK]This is the first letter written by Kwon JiYong to VIPs, and was read in Want You Concert


“Dedicated to VIPs, the friends are going to be with us for all of our life

Dedicated to VIPs, the friends who are going to be with us for all of our life.
To VIPs,
The 1st letter to VIPs, the friends who are going to be with us for the rest of our life.
Hi, our beautiful nunas and dongsaengs, it’s Jiyong.

When you were reading these words, the five of us, the ugly faces drenched in sweats, were standing in front of you.
We have known each other for 300 days, and it will be a year soon.. time has passed away quickly, hasn’t it?
Starting with Big Bang’s Documentary, then the 10-year YG concert, next come our first Showcase, and the first Big Bang’s concert, you and we together have created beautiful and unforgettable memories . New persons are not really new. Just another idol group.
You guys, who have helped us grow from boys to real men, who always put your faith in us and respectus, who always love us
Is it fate that brought us together? We met, it’s probably due to fate.
And I silently thank god.

No matter how exhausted or tired we are, just listen to your words, then we could stand up. Whenever being overwhelmed with worries, thinking of you, we could laugh again.
With the thought that the only way to respond to your love is to produce a great album, we put more effort and ambition into it, so we couldn’t appear much on TV like other artists
We want to show various images of us but we can’t do much promotional activities and also, moving between Japan and US, we can’t stay in Korea for long time. However, when seeing you still standing in snow and waiting for us, we felt deeply hurt.

Because we don’t want to see the disappointment in your eyes, the fans always waiting for us, even if not showing on TV series much, we have been working days and nights to bring the most wonderful images to this concert.
Like a boy before going to a date with his girlfriend, every day we wake up with the thought “How to to look fine today? …How to make her happy?”

I know you have to hear those words every day, but really, if you bear with us a little more, we can be like this time last year, being so happy together.
And even more.
Please just wait for us a little bit and support us until we come back with more mature images, better look and better songs.
Because we are excited and eager so much.
You just need to follow us, just listen and feel .
The remaining difficulties, we will get though, thus please always give us your smiles. It’s not pretending, we honestly want to stay with you.

Daesungie, little Seunghyun, Youngbae, big Seunghyun and me- Jiyong hope that in 10 years , 20 years later , we will still be together, as friends, as lovers and as a family
June 30, 2007, on behalf of 5 members of Big Bang whom you really love.
Ji Yongie”

P/s: this is translated from Vietnamese . If there are any mistakes please let us know. And thank you for reading and watching once again.

Watching Video Here
Source: http://bestjd.bestiz.net
V-trans: gió sáng@facebook
Take out with full credit


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